Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Return to the Cape, Day 6, Elgin Valley

We woke up to another breakfast of farm fresh eggs with Liz and Mike before Nicole came to pick us up for a drive up to Porcupine Hills for another look at the property. When we got into her car, she gave us all sorts of materials that she had prepared for us, including information about the new developments in the area, facts about olive growing, etc., and then she dropped the bomb--the price had gone up 20%. This was unacceptable, of course, and we debated whether to bother looking at the property again, but in the end decided that this may just be a ploy and that it was worth the drive.

Sure enough, the property looked fantastic. Unlike the previous visit, this time the owners were not with us, so we could look around more freely. We also managed to look into all the various buildings around the property, including the rondavel (a round house that is near the entrance that is currently unused but that could serve as a nice guest house) and the other guest cottages. The place has amazing potential, much of which has gone unrealized under the current ownership.

When we were done looking at the property we drove down the other half of the access road toward the Bot River side, stopping along the way to look at the Luddite Farm (great name!) from the road, and for a wine tasting at Beaumont wines, where they had a really nice port and noble late harvest dessert wine (both of which are coming home with us). We also had a fantastic lunch at the South Hill wine estate, a relatively new estate with a phenomenal restaurant and wedding venue. The meal was exquisite, and the owners came by (they’re friends of Nicole) to chat with us.

We got back to the inn and had a bit of a rest before dinner, during which we discussed the new price with Mike and Liz, who were as shocked by it as we were. We spent the evening strategizing with them over a great frittata that Liz made, along with not a few glasses of wine. While we may not have solved our problem, at least the idea of having such great friends as these in our new place is really appealing.