Sunday, November 01, 2009

First Snow!

This must be some sort of record--the first snow of 2009/10 in Beijing has fallen already, and it's only November 1! What's up with that? And yesterday, though it started off fairly cool, actually became pretty comfortable during the day, with crisp (looking) air to boot, although by the evening it was quite chilly and windy. I hope that it's true that the earlier the snow, the milder the winter.

Other than the snow, there are not that many things worth noting here. Tried out a great restaurant the other night with some friends called Meat & Wine. It's a South African chain, and they opened a Beijing branch some time ago in the Ch'ien Men 23 complex that is also home to Maison Boulud. The food was excellent, I thought, and the wine list was extensive though a bit pricey. The steaks were about as good as any I've had in Beijing, though they did not hold a candle to Peter Luger's in New York.

And speaking of Peter Luger's in New York, we'll be going there before too long. We have to take our home leave trip before the end of the year or risk losing the benefit, so we're taking a quick trip to the US on November 6, taking in the NYC metro area and DC to see our families and friends and do a quick catch-up. Will be very nice to see everyone that we can fit in, and apologies to those whom we don't manage to see!