Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Review

Our Thanksgiving dinner was a hit! The actual menu was marginally different from what I posted it would be, changing the turkey to the same one I prepared last year (involving spreading softened truffle butter under the bird's skin, and also making a truffle-butter laced gravy) and also making succotash for J2. The soup that Astri made was a delicious pumpkin soup (that luckily she made a lot of, so we have leftovers). Speaking of leftovers, we did not have an inordinate amount--enough turkey for sandwiches on Sunday and dinner Sunday and Monday nights, plus a tiny bit for Tuesday, and enough sides to have a variety for the same number of days.

As far as the desserts were concerned, since all the recipes were new to me, I was not at all sure how they'd turn out. The pie crust recipe looked like it was not going to be a success, since they turned out to be very thin and fragile, but in fact they were delectable--nicely flaky, good flavor, and held up well under the fillings. The silky pumpkin pie was a big hit with our guests (though frankly it was too silky for me; I prefer my mother's less-silky version), but the pecan pie was stellar--the use of chopped pecans rather than halves really did lead to a crispy top that was a fantastic contrast with the gooey filling, and it suited the crust particularly well. I also made a pumpkin flan as a last-minute addition, and though not many guests tried it, those who did really liked it. The leftovers are going to the office on Wednesday.

It was nice to have a bunch of friends over for the holiday, and we are really thankful to have such a good group of people here for us to spend time with.

Photos, as always, are on my photo page. Click here to see them.